Food & Body Image Issues

Food and Body Image Issues

At New Visions we address and treat addictive, compulsive, binge and deprivation sensitive-diet induced eating difficulties, bulimia and anorexia and psychological exercise resistance and addiction. In addition, we offer pre and post counseling for bariatric surgery patients. Food and body image problems come in many forms and the form our difficulties take can change throughout our life time. Eating disorders affect nearly everyone to some extent in our image and diet-obsessed culture. We treat all types of eating and body image issues no matter how limited or all-encompassing the difficulties may be.  We offer weekly combination therapy-support groups for women as well as individual, family and couples counseling for men, women, teens and children struggling from these problems. In addition, we offer education and counseling for family and friends, who may be suffering themselves due to their unsuccessful attempts in helping the people they love, heal and recover. Our director of counseling, Susan Bushong, licensed counselor and family therapist, works in conjunction with other New Visions therapists as well as with a licensed dietitian, to ensure that a team approach is available in order to offer the most efficient and effective support for personal recovery. Daily support is available if necessary. We believe that eating, weight and body image problems should be treated with the uniqueness that each individual brings to therapy. We tailor our treatment approach to your individual needs.

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